The Dude Assaulted


If you don’t know, now you know. The Dude from Big Lewbowski is based on a real…dude. His name is Jeff Dowd and he’s an accomplished movie producer, author, and rug-enthusiast. At this year’s Sundance, he was repping for the documentary Dirt! The Movie and was discussing it with Variety critic John Anderson when shit went sour. Anderson wasn’t a huge fan of the film and told Dowd that the movie:

“was poor, too simplistic, too redundant,” says Dowd, who accompanied him over to the nearby Yarrow (a restaurant). When they arrived, Anderson told him their conversation on the movie was “over.” The debate that followed got so heated that Anderson punched Dowd twice, once on the lip.

Nice shot! Right on the lip! Dowd’s joint must have defensively popped back into his mouth like a turtle head!

Dowd told him to listen to how the audience responded. “They’re sheep,” Anderson said. “You’ve got so much power,” said Dowd. “Before you write this we should have more discussion.”

“He was accusing me of not caring about the state of the world because I didn’t like his film,” Anderson says. When they arrived at the restaurant he said, “OK, this conversation is over.” But Dowd wasn’t letting up, says Anderson, who sat down with a friend at a table. Then Dowd pulled up a chair and “continues to make his sales pitch. He wouldn’t go away, take no for an answer.”

If you enjoy a good yarn, read the rest of the story here. It gets crazier. Big Lebowski rules but I probably would have dropkicked Dowd in the throat if he was bugging me after a night of watching shitty movies and drinking. He looks like he smells fucking crazy gross.

One Response to The Dude Assaulted

  1. probot8 says:

    sometimes you just have to draw a line in the sand. I would not stand for that type of unchecked aggression.

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