Japan Has Robocop… Kinda

Ok, so what happens when a Japanese robot company teams up with a Japanese security company? Something awesome right? Well, we’re getting there I guess. Tmsuk Co. and Alacom Co. have jointly developed the T-34 prototype security robot. This thing looks more like some remote control toy I got for Christmas when I was eight than what I imagined a security robot would be but, whatever. It can move 6 mph and hurl a net at unsuspecting breachers-of-security triggered from a remote location via a cell phone. Maybe this could stop a Japanese teen doing some jackass shit at the mall, but if they plan to bring this to the states they’ll have to equip it with a taser or something (source).


Oh no! This is, uh, kind of irritating.


2 Responses to Japan Has Robocop… Kinda

  1. Japanese security company is really great of robert security. the robert security is very glover only some secret people allowed another person ot allowed. and people catch the ropert. any time srvices.


  2. Oh Mars says:

    I’d field goal kick that fucker onto a roof if it rolled up.

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