Product of the Week


Here’s the description of this t-shirt from the website I found it on. It speaks for itself and requires no additional jokes.

Japanese men are human, just like everyone else, and sometimes they have trouble controlling their inner urges. Here’s a wacky T-shirt that warns people who see it to beware of “nozoki” — peeping toms, who like to watch women secretly, in the bathroom and elsewhere. The text reads “Beware of Men Peeping” in clear, direct Japanese. Because the word “nozoki” is written with the hiragana writing system, it’s someething that only Japanese can read or understand (it’s illegible to Chinese, for example). A totally fun and wacky new design! This is a standard men’s shirt in athletic grey, available in size S-XL

You can buy one here.

2 Responses to Product of the Week

  1. Angry Japanesey says:

    aahhh sooo…ironic american t-shirt company wanna give very hard time to nozoki warrior? Ret me terr you something america…peeping pretty harajuku girl over neighbor fence is ancient tradition…how you think our eyes get so sranty in first place? Many year of squinting through crack before someone think to peep OVER fence!

    hahahaha…old nozoki joke arways make me raf!

  2. Yoshimi says:

    I’m soooo glad I moved to America where the boys just jump the fences and hang out with you.

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