This Week in Poetic Disses


D4L founder and candy girl admirer Shawty Lo called T.I. out, claiming that he isn’t a true representative of Bankhead, Atlanta. Obviously this left T.I. with no choice but to drop a humiliating metaphor on him:

“It’s like a dog barking and howling at the moon. That dog don’t even know why he’s barking and howling at the moon. The moon don’t care. The moon is so far away. The dog can’t touch the moon. The dog can’t shut the moon off. He just sits there. Eventually, the dog will get tired of barking, and he, too, has to admire the moon as it shines. Just let the moon shine, dog.”

Shawty tried to respond in kind, but just like the third verse of “Laffy Taffy,” the analogy petered out embarassingly:

“He ain’t no moon… He’s the clouds, but I ride through clouds every day. He gotta meet me eye to eye. I can’t beat him at arguing. He’s like a girl. A girl will win an argument every time. His name ain’t Tip, it’s ‘T. Lie.’ Yeah, T. Lie. That’s his name.”

Come back next week and we’ll take a look at insults in Shakespeare’s “Antony and Cleopatra.”

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