Fuck Ants

When I was a pup, I had a Stretch Armstrong; one of the greatest toys of my generation. Ever wonder what was inside him that made him stretch and form back to his original state? Me neither. But that didn’t stop a gang of ants from chewing a hole through him and ruining my life. I never forgave the entire ant species and I never will. That’s an Irish grudge. And that’s why I fully support the above video in which a team of humanitarians drown an ant colony with 10 tons of cement. Then they dig around and unearth the colony’s nefarious headquarters, releasing the soul of my Stretch Armstrong, allowing him to ascend to heaven. (Source)

4 Responses to Fuck Ants

  1. probot8 says:

    I’m so glad we destroyed that for science.

  2. Steakbomb says:

    Maybe it was ants that built the great pyramids

  3. Mom says:

    I remember how you cried when your sister broke him.

  4. victorianblood says:

    Moms remember everything…even the things they deny.

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