Wednesday Night Redux


Given the outcome of the game I’m assuming it’s my responsibility to fill you all in on last night. We laughed, Oh Mars cried and Boston routed Dirty Jerz. Props to Polite Bear for hooking it up. Aside from the game, the outcome of which was a foregone conclusion after two quarters, we had ourselves a grand ol’ time. We drank in a parking lot, on a train and in a bar. Some crazy peedo tried to pick me up, Oh Mars was baffled with the awesomeness of the bathrooms and we may have impersonated plain-clothes officers of the law. – Probot

Yes, we did impersonate plain-clothes officers of the law. Even though Jersey lost by 500 points, it was an epic night. The peedo Probot mentioned tried to lure him to a bar that he described as having “cheap drafts, video games, and no women.” At the game I befriended a security guard from Camden, NJ. I was trying to convince him to let me go into the Nets locker room. His reply was, “You want to touch those cheerleader’s butts.” I got his address and told him I would send him a hat. Then I threw my hat into the crowd. Shitty game. Gentlemen, good night. Ladies, good morning. – Oh Mars

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