Wednesday Night


Seconds before Devin Harris strips Pierce and drives the lane, unchallenged.

After our weekly meeting today, Polite Bear pulled aside Probot and myself. Instantly I was worried that the higher-ups had found out how much time I spend playing Tumble Bees at work instead of writing about Soulja Boy. But then he held out his paws and handed us tickets to the Celtics/Nets game for Wednesday night. Box seats. Center court. Concierge service. What up? I haven’t seen the Nets live since they traded Kidd for Harris and Probot hasn’t seen the Celts since they’ve been rockin’ the Big Three. You know, since they were the worst team in the East and were able to bogart two All-Stars. Since Doc couldn’t do a fucking thing with them but now after the acquisition of Garnett and Allen he’s being compared to Auerbach? Anyways, it’ll be fun. The seats are bananas and this is our 6th month anniversary week so why not take in some rec? GO NETS!

And now for you viewing enjoyment (PS: I could put this song over images of my niece playing in a sandbox and it would be intense):


2 Responses to Wednesday Night

  1. Yoshimi says:

    “After his NBA debut, Pierce’s ability to score, rebound and play defense, and a healthy dose of late-game heroics led to his emergence as a top player in the Eastern Conference. Along with forward Antoine Walker, Pierce led the Celtics to the playoffs in 2002 for the first time in seven years and on to the Eastern Conference Finals. In the historic Game 3 of that series, he led the Celtics to the biggest fourth-quarter comeback in NBA playoff history. Pierce scored 19 of his 28 point total during the fourth quarter, and the Celtics recovered from a 21-point fourth-quarter deficit to defeat the New Jersey Nets.” (Spanks mucho Wikipedia)
    I know, I know, I know how game 4 of that series went (as pictured above I assume) . . . but ::throws a shoe at you and runs off::

    NBA Championships, Celtics: 17, Nets: 0 :..(

  2. probot8 says:

    Hey, Yi Jianlian great ready for a whole lot of angry Kevin Garnett all in your face. Ch’YEA!

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