Holla Attcha Nyarlethotep!

narl-thumb-550x487Here’s one for the cubicle! Action Figure brings us a preview of SOTA Toy’s Nyarlethotep statue. For those of you who live in a fucking cave, Nyalethotep is one of H.P. Lovecraft’s Great Old Ones; beings that await in slumber until they can rise and devour souls. Like Joan Rivers (zing!). The statue is part of SOTA’s “Nightmares Line,” and will be available about March. Something tells me Nyarlethotep wasn’t a nightmare to Lovecraft. It was probably an imaginary friend he conceived after his father went psychotic from syphilis and was institutionalized. This statue is a lot more detailed than the Nyarlethotep plush doll that was released 2002.

One Response to Holla Attcha Nyarlethotep!

  1. That track reminds me of some song by other atrist that I really liked . I can’t quite recall which :-\ does anyone happens to know which track I’m referring to?

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