Pour One Out For Adolph Grimes

While the rest of us were getting drunk on New Year’s Eve, 22-year-old Adolph Grimes was shot by police in New Orleans. 12 times. In the back. 48 shell casings were found on the ground. He had left his grandmother’s house after celebrating and was waiting outside his car for his cousin when nine plainclothes officers, part of an undercover narcotics task force, surrounded Grimes. Police are saying Grimes fired first, but being shot in the back usually means the perp was running away. Grimes had no priors, worked for the phone company, and taught a Bible study class. When I hear stories like this, I always try to put myself in the police’s shoes; they have a job I could never imagine doing with pressures I will probably never know. But this is retarded. There are cops and then there are dicks with guns & badges. AND the Grimes’ family has not been told anything by the police. Sounds like the nine officers and their lawyers are all getting their stories straight before talking to the media. 12 TIMES!?!?! Get the fuck outta here!!!

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