Monday Morning Wood

Springsteen and a gay pirate.

Springsteen and a gay pirate.

“Hey eggrolls, the Groden Grobes were last night but maybe you were too busy eating dog to watch. Grrrrr.” That was my impression of Clint Eastwood in Gran Turino. I was too busy watching the season 7 premiere of 24 to watch the Globes, but here’s a brief rundown of the winners:

In a shocker, Springsteen won for “The Wrestler,” defeating Miley Cyrus and Jeffrey Steele. Heath Ledger won For Best Actor in a Supporting Role (gasp!) and Chrissy Nolan accepted. Slumdog Millionaire went home with four awards, including Best Motion Picture – Drama (this made me very happy). Mickey Rourke managed to beat out Tom Cruise in a fat suit and took home Best Actor – Drama. Rourke also managed not to dress too much like an asshole. 30 Rock destroyed it – again – and went home with three awards (more on Tina Fey’s and Tracy Morgan’s acceptance speeches later). For the second year in a row, Mad Men won Best Television Show – Drama, but John Hamm was beat out by Gabriel Byrne for In Treatment. Gah? Didn’t that show get canceled?

During Mickey Rourke’s acceptance speech, The Wrestler director Darren Aronofksy threw up the first middle finger in Golden Globes history. Awesome:

Hilary Duff is apparently starring in an upcoming movie about Bonnie & Clyde. Reports say that it won’t be a remake of the 1967 classic, Bonnie & Clyde (doy hickey), but it’s going to be hard not to compare the two in a mean-spirited way. Did you guys know that Bonnie and Clyde weren’t romantically involved at all? Bonnie worshiped him but Clyde was pretty gay. It’s true, look it up. Therefore, they should get Nathan Lane to play Clyde.

Despite threats of ricin poisoning, Seattle gay bars were super busy over the weekend!:

“People are like, ‘Come on out. If you don’t drink, a terrorist wins,’ ” Daw said.

Heh, drunk queens, what can you do, right? I just wanted to post that quote. That’s all.

This is probably the greatest news RBM is ever going to report, ever. In an attempt to reduce the gross amount of sham friends on Facebook, the social networking site has teamed up with Burger King for a campaign called Whopper Sacrifice. The more friends you sacrifice to the Whopper-gods, the more free burgers you get. Ho-Lee shit:

This week (last week, I’m slow), fast-food giant Burger King released a Facebook application that gives you a free Whopper for every 10 friends you delete. On the Web site Whopper Sacrifice, Burger King keeps a tally that records the number of friends who have been sacrificed to the company’s signature sandwich offering.

As of this morning, 185,119 friends have been deleted. That’s…a lot of Whoppers. And that’s the greatest promotion I’ve ever heard in my life.

Speaking of fast-food, a few people have asked me what’s up with the McDonald’s menu on the main picture. Well, let me take you back to ’89


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  1. coffee says:

    Mickey Rourke filled his role in The Wrestler really well… maybe too well

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