Jim Rice, Come on Down!!!

I’ve been avoiding posting anything about sports ever since I jinxed the Celtics and they went into a slide that resulted in them losing 7 of 9 games starting with the loss on Christmas Day in LA, sorry ’bout that. But I have to give it up to the Baseball Writers for finally recognizing Jim Rice and electing him to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Rice spent his entire career as a member of the Boston Red Sox, was an eight-time All-star, won two Silver Slugger awards and was the 1978 American League MVP. In Rice’s notable 1978 season he led the league in home runs (46), RBIs (139), hits (213), triples (15) and his .315 batting average was third best in the AL. He was just before my time (retiring after the ’89 season, Mike Greenwell was the first left-fielder I remember seeing), but my Dad talks about how hard he hit the ball and his business-like approach to the game. Congratulations.


2 Responses to Jim Rice, Come on Down!!!

  1. albert todd says:

    jim rice was from my day. He is well deserved for the hall….he was absolutely awesome at the plate and if not for injuries…who knows what kind of numbers he wouild have posted

  2. the good doctor says:


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