Ryan Gosling Has a Band; Bigger Place in My Heart

Back in November, Ryan Gosling had asked me if I wanted to throw down some thermin on a track or two. I thought he was kidding. Gosling doesn’t work as much as I would like but it’s cool because today I found out he’s in a band, a kick ass band. Dead Man’s Bones is their name and above is the video for their song “In the Room Where You Sleep” featuring a choir of costumed children. Their Myspace page states their influences as “Disney haunted mansion, doo wop and 60s girl groups.” Gosling has been my male crush since I saw him in Half Nelson and it’s a nice surprise to find out homeboy can sing. He has a real eerie, gothic voice that is crazy coming from his little frame. They’re going to have an album out soon and are playing in March at the SXSW Festival.

File the toe-head with the sword at the end under “Children I’m Going to Adopt.”

Thanks to Dave for the tip.

One Response to Ryan Gosling Has a Band; Bigger Place in My Heart

  1. Yoshimi says:

    This is exactly how I felt when I discovered Coconut Records, Jason Schwartzman’s band.
    And you can have sword kid because I’ve been meaning to tell you my friend and I adopted the HMO cutie like . . . 2 summers ago. There’s some cute little Asian beatle I’ve been looking into. We can go halfsies.

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