Gimme Back My, Gimme Back My, Gimme Back My… Kidney?

Dr. Richard Batista married his wife in 1990 and in 2001 he donated a kidney to her in order to save her life. In ’05 she filed for divorce and as of the moment a settlement has yet to be reached. So, Doc Batista has upped the ante and requested that Dawnell fork over a cool milli for the kidney that now resides inside of her. Being pissed about a divorce is one thing. Demanding money for a vital organ you donated to your spouse is another. Now, I don’t know all the details of the divoce, I mean, let’s say that in 2001 he was banging the nanny and felt like donating the kidney was the least he could do for her. In that case, fuck him and don’t give him a cent. Although, if I were Dawnell part of me (most likely somewhere in the life-saving kidney region) would probably feel obliged to give in and pay up. I mean, you do kinda owe the fact that you’re alive to him and he is a doctor. If he wanted to he could probably just go in there and take half of the damn thing himself.


One Response to Gimme Back My, Gimme Back My, Gimme Back My… Kidney?

  1. Batista's Kidney says:

    If she wasn’t such a booze-baggin whore she never woulda needed me in the first place! I say fuck her! I want out!

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