Product of the Week

Kids, you suck.

Look out for the IED Timmy!

What we’re looking at here is the 1942 Willys MB Junior Replica available at for only $9,900. I’ll write that again to clear up any confusion, I mean, I can hear you all now, “another typo from probot…” price tag = $9,900. I only have one thing to say to any kid who got this as a gift for Christmas or Hanukkah or a birthday or just because Mommy or Daddy loves them, you suck. My 2001 Toyota Camry cost less than that. Do you how bad I wanted a fucking Jeep Power Wheels as a kid? Real bad and I never got one. And because I never got what I wanted as a child (although I did get that kick-ass Thundercat’s Fist Pounder) no kid should be able to get this thing. They should all be destroyed. By me. In front of the children that own them. Yes, that would be very satisfing.

Any child that did receive this as a gift and is interested in a silver 2001 Toyota Camry post a comment and we’ll set something up. There are a few scratches here and there, but that’s just aesthetic. I’ve changed the oil every 3,000 miles and it runs great in the snow.


8 Responses to Product of the Week

  1. Santa Zacariah says:

    Setting: 5th Grade Classroom, First day back from the holiday break.

    Johnny: “I got Wall-E on DVD for Christmas AND the Dark Knight action figure!”
    Timmy: (Sarcastically) “Wow, I only got a 1942 Willys MB Junior Replica…”

    (Johnny punches Timmy in the face)

    end scene.

  2. Oh Mars says:

    Does it come with all the Toby Keith CDs I have to throw into the back whenever we drive two blocks to the Ipswich Sports Bar? Oh, I still owe you two beers.

  3. Oh Mars says:

    Oh, and fuck these brats. We can still dropkick them out of their fantasy cars for free.

  4. probot8 says:

    You must mean Coby Teeth. Heeda hada heeeda herda

  5. victorianblood says:

    I heard they are coming out with a 1939 replica of Hitler’s Mercedes for next X-Mas.

  6. A2ThaCFoSho says:

    This kid is a little playa! He was probably just cruising down hampton beach with his system up, bumpin bass to sesame street theme song, rollin on dubs, when he picked this girl up in his jeep (like all you guys know your guilty of at one time or another). Dont hate the player hate the game…or jeep.

    Next…Aladdins magic carpet!

  7. Lee Ermey says:

    Now you listen here Private Pre School! You will return that V-Hicle back to base E-mediatly!!!And drop off Sally Smiley Face and her pretty pink panties on the way!!! You are too FUCKED!!!

  8. the good doctor says:

    pro, give me the car. and the cd’s. i’ll bump coby teeth down the strip and pick up little suzie rotten crotch for you.

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