Third Hand Smoke?

Ok science, this is where I draw a line in the sand. I’ve had enough of your fear mongering.  Some research done somewhere, that we’re all supposed to believe, states that smoke particles from cigarettes can cling to hair and clothing and pose a threat to small children who come in contact with these smoke-particle infected areas. The term given to this type of exposure is “third hand smoke.” Ah, science we don’t even have three hands, you probably should have known that, so I’m pretty sure this finding is bogus.

I guess now I’m supposed to enjoy my smokes butt-naked and fully shaved. You know, for the children’s sake. Well, technically that’s the only way I truly do enjoy a smoke so I guess I’m in the clear.


2 Responses to Third Hand Smoke?

  1. A2ThaCFoSho says:

    probot8 is hott! reow!

  2. the good doctor says:

    especially when glistening in post-coital splendor, sitting nude and contentedly smoking a cigarette. not that i have personally, but a friend of mine… him and her GOT. IT. ON.

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