Song(s) of the Day

Instead of giving you just one song to last you an entire day, I’m going to hit you with a medley of songs performed by Jesse Consopolis and friends (I’m way more generous than Probot). People who know me know I start off every weekday by waking up at 5:45, making a pancake, and watching Full House (except on Fridays when Nick News is on. Linda Ellerbee has been kickin’ the truth since 1992!). I never realized it growing up (I was too occupied thinking about Chips Ahoy and ExoSquad), but there are so many musical moments in the series and not just when Jesse is performing with the Rippers. Who can forget his wedding song, “Forever?” Or when he performed “Hippy Hippy Shake” at Disney World? Well, I guess it’s easy to forget and that’s why these two mixes are so important to pop culture. Don’t believe me? Time will tell. Mix number two after the jump.


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