I Shouldn’t Be at Frackin’ Work Today


I had a devious plan to call out sick of my real “job” today because season 4.0 of the greatest science fiction television show in history was released on DVD today. I woke up with a big greasy ball of guilt in my stomach and couldn’t bring myself to lie to my superiors. Turns out I had to shit, but after sitting on a cold toilet for ten minutes (I take my time, so what?) it was impossible to fall back asleep. So here I am. Anyways, due to the WGA strike of ’07, there’s only ten episodes on here, but they threw in the TV movie Razor to fill in space. But since most Battlestar fans already own it, who gives a shit. The last half of season 4 is beginning on January 16th (10:00pm on Sci-Fi Channel), which happens to be the night of the RBM 6th Month Anniversary Bash, dammit. I’m gonna go give someone in HR an earful.

Rob over at ToplessRobot observes that Lee is totally staring at Starbuck’s twins on the cover.


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