Science Reveals Teens Talk About What?!

Things are getting steamy...

100% chance of sun with a 50% chance this convo gets steamier...

A new study published by the Seattle Children’s Research Institute has found that over half the teenagers on MySpace, “frequently discuss sex, drugs and violence.” Apparently this finding has surprised some people. Not me and hopefully none of you. First of all, the study examined 500 randomly chosen men and women… who were 18 years old. What I find troubling about this study is that there are 18 year olds using MySpace discussing things other than sex and drugs. Judging by a certain portion of late-night television commercials teens have gone or are going wild, like all the time. I would have expected this thing to come back at like 100% sex, 60% drugs and oh, say 30% violence. Look, right now, as I sit here and type I’ve already rewritten several sentences and I’m not even trying to get in anyone’s pants. Thanks to the foundation laid by instant messaging, and now with the explosion of social networking sites, you can labor behind your computer constructing the most flawless game in the world, all the while making it appear as if you just dropped it off the top of the dome. You’d be a fool not to try and get laid given these circumstances.

I don’t do the MySpace, but now that I know what’s going on there I just may have to drop by…

…why does just typing the word “teens” feel dirty? Thanks Internet…


2 Responses to Science Reveals Teens Talk About What?!

  1. Oh Mars says:

    I’m masturbating right now. Great post.

  2. the good doctor says:

    typing teens feels dirty because it is.

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