New Year’s Eve with Gogol Bordello: Robot Bites Electric Factory


Hope everyone out there in Robot Bites Mansville had a happy holiday season and is as jacked up as we are for 2009. With only three years to go before all that Mayan shit goes down in 2012 we all need to be living life to the fullest. One way to make sure you’re getting the most out of life is to embrace the music and culture that surrounds Gogol Bordello. If you don’t believe me, just check out these photos from their New Year’s Eve show at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia. I caught them the night before at NYC’s Webster Hall and it’s pretty mind boggling to think about the energy they bring night-in and night-out while on tour. So here, in all their glory, are some pics that my younger bro snapped in Philly while I happily downed some High Lifes and rung in 2009 with the greatest gypsy punk band on the planet. Enjoy!




6 Responses to New Year’s Eve with Gogol Bordello: Robot Bites Electric Factory

  1. Gogol's photographer says:

    Hey! I though I was getting some sort of free-lance deal here?!? At least credit my work. Haha.

  2. probot8 says:

    Don’t worry your checks in the mail…

  3. the good doctor says:

    Just wait very patiently.

  4. Still checkless says:

    Well I have been patient but I’m low on dough from having to bribe that bouncer to let me into the 21+ section…

  5. Eugeneiac says:

    Very nice photo pictures! Gypsy punk revolution 2009!!!

  6. Still checkless says:

    Bah! I do my own work from know on!

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