Ten Questions With…Mikhail Bortnik of Mishka


Streetwear label Mishka was created in 2003 and is now one of the most popular in the world. For kids who grew up wearing comic book shirts, Mishka is a Godsend. Mikhail Bortnik, co-owner, took some time out from dressing the youth to participate in a round of Ten Questions.


What’s the last book you read?

Gang Leader for a Day by Sudhir Venkastesh.

Marvel or DC?

It was Marvel from childhood through my teens. As an adult it’s DC.

What’s your favorite Alien movie after the original?

I actually like Aliens way better than the original. I know it’s not as strong of a sci-fi film but it’s an amazing action film!

What are you doing in the talent show?

Performing Misfits songs.

What’s your favorite curse word?


If you could fight any fictional character from literature, who would it be?


What is your favorite medieval fashion accessory?

Chain-mail vest.

What’s the name of your Bizarro World character?

Hail Mik!

What slang word or phrase do you wish was still in style?

“Peace in the Middle East!”

Finally, a round of Fuck, Marry, Kill. Which one of these characters would you fuck, which would you marry, and which would you kill: R2-D2, The Iron Giant, Data.

I’d fuck R2-D2 because it’d be an awesome story to tell. I’d marry Data because he’s that robot you can bring home to mom and I’d have to kill the Iron Giant because I’ve never seen that movie.

Thanks Mikhail!

Be sure to check out the Mishka site, their online shop, and their Bloglin!


Mikhail (left) with other co-owner Greg. Photo yoinked from FLJ.


3 Responses to Ten Questions With…Mikhail Bortnik of Mishka

  1. reed says:

    Niiiiiiiiiice catch.

  2. Anonymous says:

    wow what a bunch of useless information. This guy is co owner of one of the most iconic brands in street wear and this is all you could come up wit?


  3. […]    Mikhail Bortnik founded Mishka in 2003.  This is a pretty great interview with him that will give you absolutely zero info on the […]

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