This is a Movie

Pitch Meeting: “Alright, suspend your disbelief for a minute. It’s about a surfer, just your average surfer, you know, ‘stoked,’ never wears shoes, even in an airport, huge boner 24/7. And he’s upset, because…there are no waves!!!”

The direct to DVD movie Surfer Dude is being released tomorrow and I’ll let the official movie blog do the talking:

Surfer Dude is about a surfer (Matthew McConaughey) who is driven crazy by a lack of waves.

They exaggerate many aspect of the surfing universe, but hey, a lots of beautiful girls in the movie as a result, so I am certainly not gonna complain!

I don’t think I’ve watched a movie because a beautiful girl was in it since Where the Heart Is. Surfer Dude is directed by SR Bindler, whose previous credit (singular) is 1997’s Hands on a Hard Body: The Documentary. Not only is it a documentary with the word “documentary” in the title, but I’ve never encountered a sexy title as misleading as Hands on a Hard Body: The Documentary. In a way, isn’t all porn documentary? From IMDB:

Twenty-four contestants compete in an endurance/sleep deprivation contest in order to win a brand new Nissan Hardbody truck.

PS: The Surfer Dude IMDB page lists 78 cast members. That’s double what’s on the Karate Kid page, because I look for these things.


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  1. […] Whoops! One more post before Monday. I saw this over /Film and my boner told me I had to post it. Incredible mash-up of ‘08 movie clips set to Sigur Ros. Surprisingly, there are no clips from Surfer Dude. […]

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