Beat L.A.! Celtics Go for 20 Straight on Christmas Day

The Celts can deliver a Christmas gift to all of New England if they pull out a victory against the L.A. Lakers on Christmas Day. The C’s set a franchise record against the Philadelphia 76ers last night winning their 19th consecutive game and are off to the best start in team history at 27-2.

Considering the Boston Celtics’ storied past it’s pretty amazing that this team has been able to do something that wasn’t accomplished by a Larry Bird or Bill Russel led team. You won’t hear Doc Rivers, Paul Pierce or Kevin Garnett mention it, but with the way this team is rolling the NBA record of 33 consecutive wins in a season (held by LA) just may fall January 21, 2009 in Miami.

3 Responses to Beat L.A.! Celtics Go for 20 Straight on Christmas Day

  1. Eric McTwapiece says:

    Listen man if you think that the C’s are good then you should see me play ball. I shoot 3’s all day IN YOUR FACE!!!
    Go Celtics your bad ass.

  2. the good doctor says:

    i’ve seen mctwapiece play ball. it aint’ pretty cause he’s all “i’m gonna drain this three’ and i’m all “well that’s just like, your opinion man,” and then he’s all “RAIN DANCE” all up in my face.

  3. Eric McTwapiece says:

    The doctor is good. I can’t get anything by him. But I do make it rain out there. I’m gonna make it rain mad three’s up in your face. How’s about you put that in your pipe and smoke it then blow that shit in demis’ face.

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