Snowzilla Defeated: Terrorists 1, America 1 less

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

Billy Ray Powers was a man with a dream. A big dream. But that dream has been cut short as per an Anchorage, Alaska cease and desist order calling for Powers and company (innocent neighborhood children) to halt construction of their massive snowman claiming  it is disturbing the peace and creating a public nuisance.  The city believes that Frosty poses a safety threat to the community. Hey Anchorage, your definition of disturbing the peace is pretty lame. In fact, you’re decision to charge an inanimate object with disturbing the peace makes me a bit leary of your understanding of both the words “disturb” and “peace.” Anchorage, um, what did you get on the English portion of your SATs? It’s like your state’s language arts skills were outlined by that kooky milf that ran for VP…

Oh well, I guess I can kinda understand where you’re coming from, I mean this is a giant, disruptive snowman we’re talking about. It’s not like it’s a tranquil off-shore oil rig or one of those wilderness-enhancing oil derricks that could peacefully nest in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge. Because those things are fine, it’s the giant snowmen we gotta worry about, right?

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