Gift of the Week


Christmas is only a few days away (Hanukkah has already begun, Kwanzaa is Friday) and in these tough economic times an educational gift seems like a responsible way to spend your hard earned cash.  This product was brought to my attention by co-worker and gift-giver extraordinaire Brian Neri. Apparently these plush little fellas go by “Pee” and “Poo.” A special edition gift package is available that comes with “Toiley” and “Wipey.” Happy Holidays!


One Response to Gift of the Week

  1. Yoshimi says:

    At the Science Museum in Boston you can buy a cute little version of mononucleosis, the kissing disease. But then something the Coolest Manager at my job said to me comes to mind . . . her mom got her a poster for Xmas once that said “No one looks good in a cold sore.” WTF. She’s got some issues. When my mom gets home today, I’m giving her the biggest hug for not being all that bad.

    This is a great gift idea. Sometimes you get sooo pissed you want to fling piss and shit around. Like a caged animal. It would be cool to have something to get that aggression out with. I can think of a least a dozen people I would love to crack in the head with those things from time to time. Some of them deserve the mono one, too.

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