New Lady Sovereign Has Gawt Us Dawncing

Can you dig it!?!? Here’s the first single from the as yet untitled new album by the biggest midget in the game, Lady Sovereign. SOV released one of my favorite albums of 2006, Public Warning, so despite this so-so first single, I’m excited. She’s way more talented than this song presents, but the video is facking awesome and reminds me of a dream I had involving a squaw, a subway, and the Baseball Furies. When I woke up, I was eating my pillow! Ahem, she’s wearing a Mishka “Keep Watch” sweater in a few shots. Ahem.


2 Responses to New Lady Sovereign Has Gawt Us Dawncing

  1. probot8 says:

    I had a dream that a sandwich was eating ME!

  2. […] I saw the original and kept dozing off during the first half hour. After that it grabs you by the nuts, for reals.  There’s some really intense moments and photography and lots of French geezers with briefcases. I have a feeling it’s impossible to fall asleep during a movie featuring Stath and 50. If you do, I bet you have crazy dreams. […]

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