Mickey Rourke Wants to Play Russian Roulette With You


Here’s the first look at Mickey Rourke in 13, a remake of the French crime thriller 13 Tzameti.  In the original, a young man assumes the identity of a dead guy and gets sucked into an underground game of Russian-roulette. As opposed to the mainstream games of Russian-roulette aired on ESPN 2. Gela Babluani, writer and director of the original, is helming the remake which will also star Jason “Fockin'” Statham, Ray Liotta, 50 Cent, and Ray Winstone. 13 is scheduled for a 2010 release. Once it’s released on DVD, it’ll be at the beginning of the “Action” section in Blockbuster, since it begins with a number. But by 2010 Netflix should be mandatory anyway, cavemen.

I saw the original and kept dozing off during the first half hour. After that it grabs you by the nuts, for reals.  There’s some really intense moments and photography and lots of French geezers with briefcases. I have a feeling it’s impossible to fall asleep during a movie featuring Stath and 50. If you do, I bet you have crazy dreams.


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