Who Throws a Shoe?

With President Bush’s popularity in the gutter the Iraqi journalist who chucked his kicks at G-Dub really missed an opportunity to cash in. The advertising potential of this incident was insane. Imagine if he had ended his tirade by shouting something like, “Just do it” and then launched Nike’s newest Lebron James shoes at him. Every infidel from Baghdad to Jalalabad would have been sporting those things.  I guess democracy and capitalism haven’t taken root strongly enough for these types of symbolic acts of frustration to be fully exploited by the highest bidder. Oh well, they’ll learn.

3 Responses to Who Throws a Shoe?

  1. victorianblood says:

    Kramer: You know Jerry, when somebody yells ‘heads up’, you’re not supposed to actually look up.
    Jerry: I’ll remember that.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Your a Nike in your face.

  3. Eric Mc'Twapiece says:

    Don’t waste those shoes man.

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