Wes Anderson and Brad Pitt Bank Softly

Here’s the Wes Anderson-directed commercial for some Japanese bank called “Soft Bank.” It features Brad Pitt earning some merit badges and doing his best Jacque Tati, who was sort of like the French Charlie Chaplin. After viewing this I immediatley knew I had made a huge mistake in choosing Bank of America, with their boring commercials featuring people satisfied with BOA’s services. I called BOA and sternly told them I would be switching to Soft Bank. The BOA representative called me a fag and hung up.


3 Responses to Wes Anderson and Brad Pitt Bank Softly

  1. victorianblood says:

    The BOA representative was right, you are a fag. But, so is Wes Anderson it would seem; if he feels the need to make commercials for Japanese banks.

  2. emile says:

    is this bullshit? when i looked for info on this so-called bank, the top posts were RBM, then nothing even close to resembling this story. sounds fishy, robots. and just to clarify, it’s the Japanese that are the fags.

  3. emile says:

    shit it does exist. i’m the fag. kudos for being in the top of the search, gents.

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