Pavement – The Nicene Creedence Edition


Matador continues its Pavement Special Edition Anniversary Editions with a 2-Disc reissue of Pavement’s 1997 masterpiece Brighten the Corners. Light on the jamming and heavy on the pop, this was Pavement’s most accessible album and featured some of their catchiest tunes, “Shady Lane,” “Stereo,” “Old to Begin.” The 2-Disc set features unreleased tracks, b-sides, live cuts, and even their infamous Space Ghost songs. “Harness Your Hopes,” one of my favorite examples of singer Stephen Malkmus’ stream-of-thought lyricism, is included in the pack. One listen to the epic “Fin” from their sessions with John Peel and you’ll see why Pavement was called “the band that launched a thousand Weezers.” Pavement was the first band I “collected,” and I spent so much goddamn money on eBay acquiring Pavement singles, imports, and bootlegs over the years that the Matador reissue series has been a blessing. Fuck your “indie rock,” Pavement did it first and did it better. Well, maybe Sonic Youth and the Fall did it first, but I like Malkmus’ voice better. Get your copy here.

3 Responses to Pavement – The Nicene Creedence Edition

  1. victorianblood says:

    “Re-issue! Re-package! Re-package! Re-evaluate the songs. Double-pack with a photograph. Extra track and a tacky badge.” – Morrissey, ‘Paint a Vulgar Picture’

  2. ohmars says:

    Didn’t a 2-Disc Deluxe Edition of “The Sound of the Smiths” come out last month? With B-sides, live cuts, and more? Gee whiz.

  3. victorianblood says:

    Well, what can I say? You got me there.

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