The Dog Dies


Last week, rapscallions in LA started ruining the end of the new Jennifer Aniston dramedy Marley and Me by writing “THE DOG DIES” over ads and billboards for the movie. I only read books published before 9/11 so I’m not sure if the dog does in fact die at the end of the book (or its film adaptation), but this is awesome. No one knows for sure yet if this is actual vandalism or part of a PR stunt, but anyone who goes to this movie knowing that the puppy dies is going to rot in hell. Look at that puppy! Look at it!

Imagine if people did this for The Sixth Sense, The Usual Suspects, or even Barbershop 2?!?! Wowza. If we just ruined the end of a new Jennifer Aniston movie for any of our readers, don’t be a reader any more.



4 Responses to The Dog Dies

  1. victorianblood says:

    I thought this movie was about a cat?

  2. ohmars says:

    No, you’re thinking of “Untrustworthy Pets and Me.”

  3. Eric Mc'Twapiece says:

    If that dog was still alive he would probably bite those mother fuckers in the face.

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