Zoos are Going to Hell

As a young probotito I attended a circus and would not go inside the tent until my probot-arents(???) would allow me to ride atop a majestic creature that captured my heart and soul; a massive elephant. I made a connection that day that has stuck with me quite strongly, so it comes with great sadness to learn that elephants kept in zoos are facing some harsh realities. From Time:

In a survey of 4,500 captive elephants worldwide, a team of researchers from the U.K., Canada and Kenya found that once you lock up the giant, space-loving beasts, their health suffers, their median life span plummets, and they quit breeding — the last things you would want for a creature you’re ostensibly trying to help survive.


One Response to Zoos are Going to Hell

  1. ohmars says:

    It took them a study of 4,500 captive elephants to figure this out? Jackasses.

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