Girl Loses Virginity, Texts Dad


Elizabeth Frisinger, an 18 year old high school senior in Cleveland, went on a class trip, boned down on the beach, and it was so Gr8 that she became momentarily retarded. In a forehead-slapping-moment of epic stupidity, Elizabeth accidentally texted her dad with the good news. Her super-hip dad was able to decipher Lizzy’s text-language and booked her a flight home. Below is a school photo of Liz, at the time of this posting, no photo has been released of the lucky guy. The only way this situation could get any worse for Elizabeth is if a photo of the dude is released and he’s wicked ugly. The Internet rules.



3 Responses to Girl Loses Virginity, Texts Dad

  1. Kevin says:

    haha. Wow way to go Elizabeth. Love the dad’s response tho. haha. Classic.

    Oh yea, please help my friends and I settle our diffrences once and for all at:

    I’d really appreciate it.

  2. […] actress who took us all for a ride. This trick staged the text-messaging hoax we had a ball with yesterday. Janna, you pulled the wool over my eyes, but I’m not angry, I’m not. You brought us a […]

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