Teenage Mutant Ninja Poodle

poodle-1Picture knicked from Geekologie

What. The. Fuck. I don’t care if this dog sleeps on a bed of roses and is fed fresh Kobe beef, this is some animal cruelty right here. You can’t see in the picture, but I bet there’s no ring on that lunatic’s finger. You can check out a gallery of this insane woman and her dog dolls here and believe me, it gets way worse (see below).



3 Responses to Teenage Mutant Ninja Poodle

  1. victorianblood says:


  2. Yoshimi says:

    My old college roommate painted cats. She had books on the subject. Her dad would send them to her with little notes, “Can’t wait to try this one on Snowball.”
    And these people always have a mate, waiting in the wings, fucking crazier than they are. Never fails. Oh yeah, there’s a Mr. Sandy Hartness, and the ASPCA probably has a file on him, too.

  3. erivca Walesca says:

    vc é uma brucha má pois acaba com a beleza do animalzinho que não tem como se defender de vc eu gostaria de poder fazer o mesmo com vc para ter certeza que vc é louca e bem capaz de gostar e sair em ruas publicas sua loca esterica!!!!!!

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