Will Smith’s Karate Kid Keeps Crane Kicking My Heart


In case you missed our first report (in a Freudian way), Will Smith is remaking one of the greatest and most beloved movies of all time, the Karate Kid, and it’s going to star his 10 year old son, Jaden. If that isn’t suicide-inducing enough, Big Willy stated at a recent appearance that his version would not include the iconic crane kick:

Will…said he’s “begging” Jaden to include the crane kick in KARATE KID even though Jaden wants no part of it. Will says that he plays fighting video games and wants to model some of his moves off what he sees coming out of his Xbox. (JoBlo)

(Swallows a bottle of Xanax). The crane kick is the final fight, it’s the key to Daniel’s victory (as unrealistic as it is; Johnny literally walks right into Daniel’s foot). Miyagi states, “If done correctly, no defense.” That’s on the real.

And this fool is going to let his 10 year old tell him what goes in the movie? Take away his fucking video games and ground him or something. Maybe Jaden thinks it’ll look cooler if he throws a fireball or pulls off a helicopter-kick, but if I don’t see the crane, I’m going to vomit. And you don’t want me to vomit, Mr. Smith. I have a streak going.

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