Boy George Guilty of Imprisoning Male Escort; I Don’t Have to Try to Make This Headline Funny

boy_george_narrowweb__300x4150-730444“I will pay you to have sex with me”

The most unbelievable thing about this fiasco is that Boy George has to pay for sex. Dude’s an icon and just look at him! That kind of makeup would turn a lumberjack queer! From CNN:

Norwegian Audun Carlsen, 29, said the frontman with the 1980s band beat him with a metal chain as he tried to flee his London flat after a naked photo shoot.

Carlsen told the court O’Dowd invented the story about computer tampering so he could punish him for not having sex at a previous meeting. He said: “I think he couldn’t handle the refusal — me not having sex with him.”

Hey, put out or get out or get beat with a metal chain. Them’s the rules.

Boy George fully endorses Krink paint markers.



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