Marijuana Nation: A Highly Informative Documentary

Oh, Mars’ post on space beer, which fucking rules, has inspired me to spill the beans on a little documentary I caught Tuesday on the National Geographic channel. Marijuana Nation follows journalist Lisa Ling as she investigates all angles of an issue that has a history of divisiveness in the United States. Ling drops in on the newly dubbed Oakesterdam section of Oakland, California, ventures north into popular growing spots which have recently invaded California state forests and cruises with pot aficionado Mark Emery to one of, if not the, most advanced indoor grow facilities in the world. Check it out Saturday, December 6th at 7pm if you have a chance.

Ling recently appeared on WBCN’s Toucher & Rich show discussing her experience in a slightly more candid atmosphere. Big up T&R now rocking mornings on BCN!



3 Responses to Marijuana Nation: A Highly Informative Documentary

  1. wine blog says:

    Wow, I totally want to see this documentary! I used to smoke bud all the time but have slowly grown uninterested in it. It really just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I think the culture of pot smokers if interesting though.

  2. ohmars says:

    I shit, I get it…HIGHly informative documentary (slaps forehead).

  3. willie nelson jr says:

    great find, this documentary was huge at my college!

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