Romanek Nike Commercial; Lebron is 12

Above is director Mark Romanek’s “Chalk” Nike commercial featuring LeBron and (I think) Lil Wayne. Everything in 2008 has featured Lil Wayne so, fuck it. From /Film:

Romanek is probably best known for his music video work. He directed the video for Michael and Janet Jackson’s “Scream” in 1995, a sci-fi themed video which won the 1996 Grammy for Best Music Video, and to date, is still the most expensive music video ever produced ($7 million). His other videos include Closer for Nine Inch Nails, Criminal for Fiona Apple, Devil’s Haircut for Beck, and Johnny Cash’s cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Hurt”.

In 2002, he made a wonderful indie thriller called One Hour Photo, which starred Robin Williams as an photo lab employee who becomes obsessed with a young suburban family.

Robin Williams was really begging to be in this Nike ad, but Romanek had him “cooled out” with 89 milligrams of tranq’s. Williams’ hands shed 4 pounds of hair and wrote Amnesty International.


One Response to Romanek Nike Commercial; Lebron is 12

  1. Cool, Nike never stops!!

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