Pharse I Heard My Really Cool Neighbor Say, or Song/Artist/Album on No Limit Records

Alright people, in the 1990s a record label was formed by Percy “Master P” Miller that would eventually take the rap community, nay, the world, by storm. By the late ’90s it became impossible to misidentify albums put out on No Limit Records. The artist’s or group’s name would typically be stretched across the top of the album, usually written in gold, diamond or some ballin’ combination of the two. Some popular themes for the cover art included, holding fanned-out cash, holding diamond encrusted jewelry, posing in front of Bentleys and talking on cell-phones (in the late ’90s a cell-phone was still a status symbol, remember?) The game begins after the jump…

Now that you’ve received the refresher course in No Limit 101, the fun can really start. I’m hoping to make this bit somewhat of a regular feature so we’ll begin with five terms this week. It will either be a No Limit recording artist, album title, song title or something that my really cool neighbor has said. I’ll give the term and then use it in a sentence, just like in the spelling bee. Now, I understand you people don’t know my neighbor, but you can basically just mentally substitute anyone you know who says things that you don’t understand, but because you feel intimidated by their coolness you just nod and pass the joint (case in point, they always have a new word for “joint” like doughja, screw, prius etc).

1. Steady Mobb’n. We were steady mobb’n then I had to pull over so my boy could take a piss.

2. Rally Ral. You shoulda come out, that place was jumpin’, straight rally ral.

3. Mr. Serv-On. So, I met up with that chick and got my Mr. Serv-On.

4. Bossalinie. That’s why they call me the bossalinie, bitches!

5. Skull Duggery. Hands down, the best name of any No Limit recording artist is Skull Duggery (I can’t have anyone get a zero).

Answers: 1, 2, 3 & 5 are all No Limit Recording artists. 4 is an ablum title by C-Murder; however, I think I’m going to start using it as a phrase myself. Stay tuned.


2 Responses to Pharse I Heard My Really Cool Neighbor Say, or Song/Artist/Album on No Limit Records

  1. ohmars says:

    Skullduggery needs to be reported to the ASPCA for having his dog’s eyes removed and replaced with rubies.

  2. Mr. Serv-on says:

    you will be hearing from my lawyer soon (oh shit! he’s busy representing Plaxico Burress)

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