Larz’ Comic Book Pick: December 4, 2008


By Larz:

HELLBOY WILD HUNT #1 of 8  $2.99

Artist: Duncan Fegredo

Author: Mike Mignola (and Cover Artist)

Dark Horse Comics

On Sale: December 4th, 2008

(Editor’s Note: What a coincidence, this is our 666th post).

The crappiest thing about holidays at anytime of year is that they tend to delay comics. Wednesdays are typically New Comic Day, but this week we’ll all have to wait until Thursday, December 4th. Unfortunatley, this means we’ll also have to wait until then for the release of Mike Mignolia’s newest project: Hellboy: Wild Hunt.

MIgnolia’s newest yarn brings Hellboy back to England where ancient evil rises from their grave and begins to terrorize the U.K. There he meets a mysterious group called the Wild Hunt, which is bent on bringing the evil-deadish giants back to their graves. Little does Hellboy know he’s been set up and finds himself between a rock and a hard place. I smell torch fire and I can see the angry picthforks of the mob now!

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