Straw Men Set for the Screen


Awww yeah. I read this top-notch crime thriller when it was released in ’02 and have been waiting patiently for news of an adaptation. My dream came true this morning when I read on /Film that:

Benderspink has acquired the rights to develop a big screen film based on British author Michael Marshall Smith’s crime thriller The Straw Men. The book is a first in a trilogy about a an ex-homicide detective who is persuaded to come out of early retirement to solve a series of strange murders which are connected to the abduction of his daughter.

The second book in the series, The Upright Man, I thought was inferior to The Straw Men; not as gripping or suspenseful. (God, I make a shitty lit. critic). But I can’t recommend Straw Men enough. There’s a part near the end that scared the shit out of me. I tried drawing a picture of my fear, like child psychologists suggest, but it didn’t work out so hot…



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