Prick Of The Month: 12/01/08 edish

Let’s face it….farts, cutting the cheese, passing gas, breaking wind, and flatulence will never be not funny. There is one man who has mastered the art of the fart, but not the kind that rips through your Levi’s. His name is Gerry (Jerry) Phillips, he is a manualist (meaning he makes fart noises with his hands), and is December’s prick of the month.


Follow the jump to see this masterful manual maniac in action.

Take the time to watch these videos. They are songs that I feel are his best work, and I’m certain you will not be let down. Enjoy.

First up: The cantina band from Star Wars (this one’s for you Ohmars)

Iron Maiden’s The Trooper

Super Mario Brothers

This next one is Gerry giving a little tutorial

Gerry on Jimmy Kimmel Live playing Bohemian Rhapsody

Guns N Roses, Sweet Child O’ Mine

Europe’s The Final Countdown

Pure entertainment at it’s finest. See ya next month with another raging prick.


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