Milk Breaks a Record, Cool


Gus Van Sant’s Milk took in $1.4 million this weekend which isn’t much for an opening weekend, but it did it on only 36 screens. Let me see here…that equals $38,375 per location. I didn’t do that in my head, I got the lowdown from THR:

The “Milk” debut represented the best per-venue average of any film opened with 30-40 engagements, Foley said. Its bow outpaced the December 2007 opening for “Atonement,” which Focus unspooled with $784,145 from 32 playdates or a then-record $24,505 per engagement.

“Milk” pours into 60 theaters in 32 markets on Friday. Foley said he believes Focus’ marketing campaign has dovetailed well with nationwide publicity over California’s Proposition 8, the recently passed anti-gay marriage ballot initiative.

“Milk” will likely remain one of the awards season’s most closely watched releases, with Sean Penn’s performance in the title role generating early plaudits. James Franco, Josh Brolin, Emile Hirsch and Diego Luna are also featured in supporting roles.

I have no idea what “early plaudits” means.

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