Jodie Sweetin Signs Six-Figure Book Deal

abc_sweetin_070723_ssh1Jodie Sweetin and the twins. I don’t mean Nicky and Alex.

About time. You know how long I’ve been itching to do some Full House related news? It was canceled 13 years ago, which makes the chance of any news pretty slim, I know, but this morning the NY Observer reports:

Jodi Sweetin, who played middle daughter Stephanie Tanner on Full House from 1987 until 1995, has signed on to write a book for Simon Spotlight, Simon & Schuster’s pop culture imprint, about the years she spent addicted to and recovering from drugs. According to the description that just ran on the Publishers’ Marketplace deal-wire, literary agent Kirby Kim at Endeavor sold Ms. Sweetin’s book at auction for a sum in the six figures.

Back in 2006 during an interview with ABC News, Sweetin spilled the beans about her years as a meth addict. She confessed that while on meth, she drove Joey’s car through the kitchen, gave Jesse a shitty haircut (causing him to get in a motorcycle accident), lost Danny’s wedding ring down the toilet, flooded the bathroom in an botched attempt to retrieve said ring, stole a sweater form the mall, illegally helped Joey gamble, mocked classmate Walter Berman by calling him “Duckface,” neglected her duties as a Honeybee, moved into the bathroom after a tiff with Michelle, got thrown out of a movie theater, proposed to pop sensation Tommy Page (who was actually interested in DJ), allowed Kimmy to pierce her ears, smoked cigarettes to impress classmate Mickey, and snuck into Steve’s apartment with Kimmy to prove that he’s a male ho.


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