Oh, Mars Signing Off for the Weekend

November 7, 2008

If you girls don’t give Big Lee a chance, he’s going to come to your home and blow all of your Snickers.

Much thanks to all you readers. Please tell your friends, link us up, and take your vitamins. XOXO


Sucklord Group Show Photos and Interview

November 7, 2008

MunkyKing has posted photos from the Sucklord Group Show they hosted on October 30 out in LA. ToyBreak stopped by and interviewed THE Sucklord. He says am east coast show is in the works working and I’ll be damned if RBM doesn’t attend. If you’ve been sleeping, check out our interview with Sucklord here.


Free Star Wars Holiday Special Cards and LSD

November 7, 2008


StarWarsShop is now giving away a set of Star Wars Holiday Special (the animated segment at least) trading cards free with purchase. Anyone who has “experienced” the SWHS will tell you that the animated segment is the only part of this seven hour shit show that makes any sense. It’s like when you take LSD and walk in on your grandparents having masked sex. The animated segment was ten minutes of trippy animation and it introduced Boba Fett (who rode a dinosaur for some reason). So just buy something cheap like the R2-D2 shotglass (in my dreams) and cop these limited cards.

Fox F*cks Joss Whedon

November 7, 2008


Looks like “Dollhouse: The Complete Series” will be available by the end of next year. Fox has assigned Whedon’s new show a Friday night time slot; a slot notorious for killing sci-fi shows (including Whedon’s own Firefly). The show was originally going to share Monday nights with 24, but now it’s been sent to Friday along with The Sarah Conner Chronicles. Dollhouse will premiere February 13, 2009, which is, ahem, Friday the 13th.

For a list of other sci-fi shows that were sent to the Friday night principle’s office, hit the jump.

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An A Cappella Tribute to John Williams

November 7, 2008

This may be the greatest, most talented nerd of all time. I listened to this three times in a row, and a big fat smile was plastered on my face the whole time.

For the Trophy Case; 12-Inch Han Solo in Carbonite

November 7, 2008


Sideshow Collectibles is now taking preorders for their incredible 12-Inch Han Solo in Carbonite ($199.99). The detail on this puppy is insane, even on the palace wall it’s resting on. Between this and the GI Joe Mighty Muggs, my cubicle is going to be beyond dope.

The piece is constructed of highest quality materials, incuding heavy-weight polystone, then hand painted and hand-finished to Sideshow’s exacting standards. Han in Carbonite is suspended from the palace wall display using a single pin and magnet system, and can be removed from the wall for additional display configurations.

Check out more pics after the jump.

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Spielberg Does What Spielberg Wants

November 7, 2008


Good morning, suckers. Steven Spielberg (Animaniacs) woke up in his diamond bed of swans and thought it would be a good idea to remake Oldboy. From Variety:

Steven Spielberg and Will Smith are in early discussions to collaborate on a remake of Chan Wook-park’s “Oldboy.” DreamWorks is in the process of securing the remake rights, and the new pic will be distributed by Universal.

Spielberg had been looking for an opportunity to make a film with Smith, who would play the kidnapped man if all the pieces fall into place. Spielberg is looking for a writer to begin the development process.

Something deep down in my gut tells me this is never going to happen. If it does, RBM will buy everyone in America a Diet Dr. Pepper. Whatever about Will Smith, he’s a talented cat, but I can’t see Spielberg helming this. Oldboy has some really intensely mesmerizing cinematography, something that Spielberg isn’t too awesome at. I’d rather see Fincher or Nolan head it up.