Candy Corn — A Dark History

Every year, candy companies produce 35 million pounds of the most unpleasant ‘treat’ in the world, candy corn. That’s over 9 billion individual kernels of corn; enough to make everyone on earth sick to their stomach. I had some the other day and wanted to self-induce vomit to get this poison out of my system. My friend Joe described it as “basically eating a small candle and a sugar packet.” That’s cool when you’re a kid, when sugar makes up 98 percent of your diet, but we’re kidults now, and candy corn is like Kryptonite to our constitution. Just like the US Government introduced crack cocaine to the inner cities in the 1980s, George Renninger introduced candy corn to the world in the 1880s.

Renninger worked for Philadelphia-based Wunderlee Candy Company when he was working in the lab late one night, his eye beheld an eerie sight: candy corn! The candy quickly became popular with farmers, because they are poor and will eat anything. The Goelitz Candy Company stole the top-secret candy corn recipe in 1900 and still make it today, although the name has changed to the Jelly Belly Candy Company. Renninger used his fortune to create a Xanadu-like home and he died alone, his wife having left him for Milton S. Hershey.

Candy corn used to be made by the proud hands of Americans, but now it’s made by machines who use the “corn starch molding process.” Oh, that sounds delicious.

A machine fills a tray of little kernel-shaped holes with cornstarch, which holds the candy corn in shape. Each hole fills partway with sweet white syrup colored with artificial food coloring. Next comes the orange syrup, and finally, the yellow syrup. Then the mold cools and the mixture sits for about 24 hours until it hardens. A machine empties the trays, and the kernels fall into chutes. Any excess cornstarch shakes loose in a big sifter. Then the candy corn gets a glaze to make it shine, and workers package it for shipment to stores. (HowStuffWorks)

Kids, I know it fills you with a blinding rage when people give you candy corn on Halloween, but restrain yourself from burning their house down. Just eat some fun-size Kit-Kats and cool off.


4 Responses to Candy Corn — A Dark History

  1. Ariana says:

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU???!!!! CANDY CORN ROCKS!!! I WOULD NEVER BURN SOMEONE’S HOUSE DOWN IF THEY GAVE ME CANDY CORN, I WOULD HUG THEM!!! Cause unfortunately, people decide not to hand it out. -.-

  2. Anonymous says:

    You are soooo right! Candy corn is DISGUSTING!

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