Just a Reminder

October 16, 2008

Starship Troopers is still the best sci-fi movie since Total Recall.

Maybe if we all cross our fingers Verhoeven will stop directing awesome historical action movies long enough to take another look at the future.


Goonies Never Say Sequel, But They Do Say Broadway

October 16, 2008

Sloth love Broadway

A couple months ago, rumors were in full effect concerning the Goonies sequel. It seems the project is now as dead as Chester Copperpie. But, ahem, Richard Donner is now pushing for Goonies: The Musical. Fuck it. Why not? I could see it being super fun. From Variety:

Rumors have been swirling for years about a “Goonies” sequel, but Richard Donner says his most recent attempt simply didn’t pan out. “We tried really hard, and Steven (Spielberg) said, ‘Let’s do it.’ We had a lot of young writers submit work, but it just didn’t seem to call for it,” he explains.

Lately, Donner has been chasing a different spinoff idea: “I’m in the process of trying to get it done as a musical on Broadway. Wouldn’t that be great?”

The director has already met with former Broadway entertainment attorney John F. Breglio, and Donner seems confident things are moving in the right direction. He’s even figured out where to break for intermission: right after the kids fall through the hole, with the second half unfolding underground.

Yes Richard, it would be great. Especially an over-the-top, extended Truffle Shuffle dance sequence with lots of chubby kids in Hawaiian shirts showing off their tires. Will Sloth sing? Would it sound like Young Frankenstein? God I hope so.

New Spirit Poster Matches Darth Maul VCD

October 16, 2008

This is the thirteenth poster for The Spirit. You know how many posters there were in the US for Karate Kid? One.

Darth Maul VCD

October 16, 2008

The formula for making anything adorable is shrink the body, blow up the head and hands, and make it smell like vinyl. Sideshow Collectibles is now taking pre-orders for their Darth Maul vinyl collectible doll, or VCD. We don’t collect dolls, now do we? They also have an R2 VCD coming out at the same time which God is forcing me to buy. I don’t make the rules, folks.

Halloween Throwback 2 — The Cosby Show

October 16, 2008

Today we’ll visit the Huxtable family who celebrate Halloween even though they never let their kids do anything fun like drink or ride the subway. Cliff reluctantly agrees to wear a costume to take Rudy trick-or-treating, which he calls “begging.” And then the ever-selfish Vanessa invites Robert Foreman, the “absolute coolest boy in seventh grade,” to her Halloween party. Robert is such a mack, he even gets Clair in a tizzy. Though Cliff manages to survive his ordeal (after lying about being in the army to score extra candy), Vanessa – dressed as Erika Badu – is so overwhelmed by Robert’s presence that she ends up embarrassing herself in front of all her friends. But it’s all good in the end…because it’s The Cosby Show. “My hands are sweaty,” “It’s okay, we’re going steady.”

This is a solid episode and ends with a really funny scene with Cliff and Claire that seems like it could have been improvised. I’m forever annoyed by Vanessa though, and be warned, this episode is pretty Vanessa-centric.

Season 2, Episode 6 – 1985

Rest of the episode after the jump!

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Selma Blair is Merlin

October 16, 2008

Speaking of magicians, sketch comedy troop Those Little Rabbits have created this pretty dope video featuring Selma Blair. This is the troop that is responsible for those amazing David Blaine Spoof videos, which you can check out on their page if you’re a caveman and haven’t seen them yet. Sadly, in the video Blair doesn’t do that trick where me and her touch privates.

Will Arnett Pulls Seven Figures Out of Fox’s Hat

October 16, 2008

I wish he could make Michael Cera disappear

Variety reports that my favorite Bluth, Will Arnett, has finalized a seven figure deal with Fox, which will develop a sitcom for him. For our readers still in the fourth grade, that’s in the millions:

Multiple networks pursued Arnett, who’s been a hot commodity since his stint as aspiring magician and family black sheep George “Gob” Bluth II in the cult fave “Arrested,” which also earned him an Emmy nom.

It’s time the twice Emmy-nominated Arnett got a lead in something (all Let’s Go To Prison‘s aside). I was sort of hoping for him to be the villain in the new season of 24, but a sitcom will do. As long as they actually promote it and don’t cancel it, twice.