Return Of The Lizard People

The 80’s had numerous shows about the strange and bizarre. One of these weird shows was V: The Series. Here’s the low down: freaky lizard people come to earth. That’s basically it. Well it looks as if this gem of a television show’s time isn’t over yet, and is getting a re-vamp.


V, the 1980s miniseries about alien lizards visiting Earth, will invade primetime once again.

ABC is developing a new adaptation of the franchise β€” which spawned a second mini and TV spinoff β€” written by The 4400 co-creator/exec producer Scott Peters.

Warner Bros. TV, which was behind the original longform, is once again producing the project, which was sold as a spec script to the Alphabet net.

Peters is set to exec produce, along with HDFilms principal Jace Hall.

Hall, the former head of Warner Bros.’ videogame division who has worked on titles including “F.E.A.R.,” will help expand “V” into other platforms, including gaming.”

It’s been about 20 or so years since the last time I watched that show. I do hope that if they do plan to do this, that a DVD release of the complete series will accompany it. Come on, dudes and chicks rip their faces off to show they’re fucking lizards! Plus, you get a dose of Marc Singer “The Beastmaster”. That’s just too damn sweet to pass up.


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