Animated Asshole Of The Week: 10/3/08

October 3, 2008

We here at Robot Bites Man can be very harsh critics from time to time.  But not one of us can compete with the Ultimate critic, Jay Sherman.

You can’t say “It Stinks” without thinking about this man.  He taught us that it’s ok to verbally abuse horrible works of cinema.  The world needs more honest critics like Jay, that way we won’t waltz into our local theater under false pretenses.  Every film from Home Alone 5 to Edward Plunger Hands hit absolute zero on the Shermometer. Read the rest of this entry »


Daredevil Do-Over

October 3, 2008

It is common knowledge that Daredevil was about as good as drinking your own urine.  But does it deserve a second chance?  FOX’s Tom Rothman thinks so.  (from

“Tom Rothman: A Daredevil, to use your words, reboot, is something we are thinking very seriously about.”

Sorry dude, but just because The Hulk worked, doesn’t mean that Daredevil would.  Bennifer did such a great job of destroying those characters that the world just isn’t ready for another go.  Why not put your energy towards another hero, if you really have an itch to be super.  How about going in the opposite direction and do a Mister Sinister movie?  Tim Curry would be perfect!

Oh, Mars Signing Off For the Weekend

October 3, 2008

This is one of the better Dark Knight mash-ups I’ve seen and Buzz Lightyear is still my boy. Time to go home and bleed Red, White, and Blue with Joey Danko.

House Goes To Re-Make Town

October 3, 2008

Does anyone else remember a film where a writer thwarts ghosts in the house he’s trying to finish his new book in? It screams “Forgotten Failures”, and there will be a post in the future, but to re-make it? That’s as lame as when they made Slither. Being the amazing dude that I am, I found the poster for the re-make of House.

Yet another part of my essence has been sucked straight into my monitor. Fuck.

Original Disney Afternoon Lineup

October 3, 2008


Dragonball Goes Full Retard.

October 3, 2008

Photos From GI Joe Set — Thousands of Twenty-Somethings Put on Suicide Watch

October 3, 2008

I know it’s too early in the morning to start drinking, but m*therfucker. JustJared posted a bunch of photos from the set of Gi Joe, or what appears to be GI Joe. That’s fucking Snake Eyes? Remember when Snake Eyes takes his mask off and he had on a latex mask with a vagina mouth? Me neither. Check out Channing Tatum’s (Duke) ridiculous exo-skeleton bullshit. And those are just the standard Joe outfits in the movie, they’re not even the rumored Joe suits that make them run as fast as a car.

This is a battle we cannot win, friends. And knowing that is half the misery.

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