Sexy-Time At Fashion Show

September 26, 2008

Actor Sacha Baron Cohen is a super wizard genius.  Apparently he leaped on the run way during a fashion show dressed as the main character from his new movie. had this to say: Read the rest of this entry »


Weekend Kick-Off, George Costanza For the McDonald’s DLT

September 26, 2008

If anyone can find that Zatarain’s commercial with Kramer, get at me. Have a good weekend, pussies.

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Daniel Radcliffe’s Blind Grandmother Dresses Him

September 26, 2008

He is wearing prosthetic hands in this photo, I swear to God.

Forgotten Failures: 9/26/08 Edish

September 26, 2008

Have you ever gone to your local mall and think “wow, they seriously need to beef up the security around this place.”? Well I’ve found a mall that’s way ahead of you. Visit the Park Plaza Mall where the new security force isn’t just tight, it’s terrifying!

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Fireproof Owns Eagle Eye, Gah?

September 26, 2008

Well, I was going to see Eagle Eye tonight, along with everyone else in America. But America is not going to see Eagle Eye tonight, they’re going to see Fireproof, starring Kirk Cameron (The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes). In the biggest fucking blindside in recent cinema history, Fireproof is outselling Eagle Eye in pre-ticket sales. From USA Today:

The movie about a firefighter struggling in his marriage comes to theaters with more momentum than the Kendricks’ first film: a star in Kirk Cameron; a $500,000 budget; and it’s playing in 830 theaters, more than double their last movie. According to movie ticketing site, Fireproof is accounting for 41% of ticket sales, far outpacing Shia LaBeouf’s Eagle Eye.

What. The. Shit. The directors of the movie, Alex and Stephen Kendrick, are being called “the Christian Coen Brothers.” They also penned the book The Love Dare, which Cameron uses in the movie to save his marriage. In Eagle Eye, Shai Leboeuf is thrown into a diarrhea-storm of shadow conspiracy and grab you by the balls action. I’m torn over which to go see. NOT!!! I’d rather blow Shai Leboeuf than shake hands with Kirk Cameron.