Another Conan Film In The Works

While scanning through I found some information that just needed to be shared with the rest of the world. According to

“We got word today that Nu Image is offering the long-awaited new Conan movie to, of all people, Brett Ratner. Over the years there have been so directors circling this project, everyone from Robert Rodriguez to Rob Zombie, the fact that Brett Ratner might actually attach himself to this and make it a reality is almost enough to make one wish they’d just stop trying to bring Robert E. Howard’s creation back to the big screen.”

Many questions come to mind when hearing this news. If this is going to be made, who would play Conan? Will this be yet another post apocolyptic shit storm, or stay in the actual world of Conan? How can they possibly do this without feeling like a complete and total douche?

Until more information is provided, these questions will just become more elaborate and enraging. But to add insult to injury, here’s the possible poster.

I think the phrase “What the FUCK!” is what you’re all looking for.


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